An existential drift towards broken horizons
Project in constant motion and without a stable form of the french producer
and composer Olivier Arson, TERRITOIRE drives tensions between
electronic processes, experimental instrumentation and narrative fragments.

In 2012, after three years of obsessive recording sessions with producer Abel
Hernández from Migala, TERRITOIRE releases his debut Mandorle (E/C),
eight scenes between dark ambient, jazz and krautrock. The release meets
critical acclaim (4th best record of the year of PlayGroundMag) and is
followed by an extensive tour concluding two years later at Sónar Barcelona
and with a remixes album featuring Aidan Baker and Father Murphy
amongst others.

In 2016 TERRITOIRE premieres at the sound art festival In-sonora an
installation based on the ritual of confession. The music, randomly generated
by sections of organs, drones and amplifiers noises is published as a serie of
unique and personalized recordings (Confess, E/C).

In 2018, TERRITOIRE releases the new LP Alix (Humo), a story of slavery
that “creeps in and haunts like a prison” (The Wire). Created with the
legendary techno producer Oscar Mulero and audiovisual artist Tasio, the
record features a radical vocal treatment trapped inside nocturnal drones and
pressed by industrial beats. The live band now works on the supporting tour
looking to expand the narratives of the album through site-specific