The event

Bicefal is the evolution of Bestiarie Assembly, which is the annual festival of Bestiarie record label.

Created by Miguel Sueiro (founder of Bestiarie record label and Bestiarie Assembly) and Andrés Satué (half of the electronic duo Esquelas and now founder of Huma, his personal project), Bicefal arises from friendship between people through music, and the good relationship between underground artists and labels.

Bicefal aims to give voice to those sounds that have no place in more commercial circuits. Along the line-up, we will create a path between the most extreme sounds and experimental music in its purest form, through styles like techno, ambient and industrial.

The idea behind Bicefal is to create a close atmosphere away from large festivals, where you can feel the true essence of music. This is why Laut club was chosen, where a good quality sound and proximity between the audience and the artist makes the festival a unique experience.

The festival will be hosted in LAUT Club, located in the center of Barcelona.


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