HUMA (Barcelona, ES)
Saturday 10th

Huma is the personal project of Andrés Satué, half of the duo Esquelas, project in which they released “Inciso” (Ensmble) and more recently “Un pozo lleno de anzuelos” (Bestiarie). He was participant in the RedBull Muisc Academy BassCamp in Madrid 2015.

Also he is cofounder of Versal and Bicefal.

He will present his new EP “Las tres fases del movimiento” that will be released by a new record label closely relationed with Bestiarie: Hedonic Reversal. The EP as in his live performance, is based on two ideas, on one hand the three phases of movement that Meyerhold (theatre scolar 1874-1940) and on the other hand three phases of muscular movement. Joining these two ideas he generates a very physical, visceral and emotional live.