ATILA (Porto, PT)
Saturday 10th

ATILA is yet another musical guise for 22-year-old wunderkind Miguel Béco, who is gaining notoriety for his black metal/noise project ÖRÖK. Here, as ATILA, Béco dives into unremittingly dark electronica. Although the oppressive soundscapes bear similarities to those of ÖRÖK, across the expansive 42 minutes of V, Béco establishes ATILA as its own entity altogether. Machnik beats, mulching bass, cryogenic synth, a ritualistic pulse running through everything, sullen and somber yet paradoxically intense: V becomes a soundworld unto itself.

Far too violent and claustrophobic to be classed as techno and yet much too rhythmic ‘n’ dynamic to be conventional power electronics, ATILA could be seen as the shadow self of black metal – difficult to grasp at first, yet its entrancing spell weaves into your psychic fibers. Here is the sound of the mind being absorbed into a winter long past, whispers of coldness and arrogance swirling around your conquered body, a history starting in the early forms of human life up to this silent and lonely end.